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MT DAW looping + audiobus

hey ! happy new year everyone !
I have one question before i consider buying MT DAW....
can you set the MT DAW in loop mode and then record apps via audiobus in it ?


  • You can set punch-in areas in MTDaw and it will loop. You can then use the controls to record in that loop, but the record is a one shot deal. In other words, the recording doesn't loop. Hope this helps. For what it's worth, MT DAW is worth every penny imo.

  • bought it ! yep it does what i want .. and overall is totally awesome app !
    bye bye loopy -- welcome MT DAW : )

  • edited January 2013

    Personally I think Loopy is a great tool as well. I think they serve different purposes. MTDaw is more of a traditional daw (not as much as Auria, brut impressively powerful and lightweight). Loopy seems like it lends itself to more of a live performance tool and its honestly made me a better musician once I started looking at it that way. That's just my opinion of course, but I think they're both wonderful apps. Glad you like MTDaw. I know I've gotten a ton of fun out of it.

  • yea but i will use MT DAW for looping too : )
    loopy for sure is really kool , problem with it is that i can export only really wierd timing loops from it.

  • I've never had this issue about timing with Loopy. And it has provided me the best user experience with recording through Audiobus yet (which I would hope is the case, seeing as they are made by the same dev.) Every loop I've made in it has been well-quantized and sounded great! Are you sure your settings are correct for what it is you're trying to do? In loopy and whatever app/program you are exporting to?

  • in loopy sure everything sounds great !
    problems start when i export loops to ableton , i can export only pure recordings , all loopys set loop points are missing , like lot of loops is much longer and starts with silience (everything is in right tempo in loopy and ableton).

  • Mike knows about this and is going to fix it in a coming update for Loopy.

  • Hi Guys,
    In Ableton, right click on the first transient and "Set 1.1.1 here". Problem solved :D

    I really love the way Loopy creates folders named "Project.loopysession"

    I really hope Beatmaker will record audio in project folder when they enable Audiobus, because right now the scatter stuff all over the place.

  • thanks for the tip !

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