Preset select in Audiobus Remote

The 'save' features are great and all, but it would be amazing to be able to recall an Audiobus preset using Remote. Is this coming in an update?


  • You mean, preset select for a specific synth? Or AB3? If for AB3, i think that might not be good because by the time you load up an AB3 preset, it takes a long time and sometimes things get stuck, like some apps say, click to launch, and you have to go back and relaunch. So it could be a mess.

  • AB3. It has potential to be messy, as you say, but could be very useful in live situations where the (relatively few) apps required are already launched and running. IMHO the state-saving capability of AB3 just seems somewhat underutilized with the current AB Remote

  • Yeah that sounds awesome!

  • I'll put it on the list :) No promises though - it is a tad sticky

  • I appreciate the acknowledgement, @Michael! Keep doing what you do and I'm sure my current workflow will see improvement with the updates to come

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