Audiobus and multi-channel interfaces

The Audiobus mic input seems to be always mapped to channel 1 of my 4-channel Alesis IO-4 (connected via CCK to Ipad3). Would be nice if the four input channels would be individually configurable in the Audiobus input section, similar to DAW. Same for the output section in case of multiple output channels.


  • Hi Marinus,

    You're not alone in wanting to be able to do this and we're working on adding this feature to Audiobus.

  • Marinus,
    Do you use jamup at all? I've been having crashes using two different multi channel interfaces with audiobus and jamup...

    Everything works fine when I use jamup by itself...

  • To Sebastian: good to hear that this feature is on its way!

    To subsynth: I use Jamup Pro, mostly with multitrack DAW as output. Occasionally, things go wrong (Jamup immediately returns to home screen). In that case, shutting down all audio apps and restarting from Audiobus helps. Also, every now and then, I get an error message about some "known IOS sound system issue". I am not sure which app initiates the message. Overall, if I start fresh from Audiobus and start the other apps from there, everything works as expected.

  • This is what I experience everytime I try to load JamupProXT into the effects slot:
    (Jamup immediately returns to home screen)

    So I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with this issue, I'm going to try a few things and restart the ipad to see if that helps. I haven't messed with it since I first encountered the problem a few days ago.

  • any news on this feature's arrival date? would love to loop vox and guitar at the same time using audiobus and loopy.

  • 1000 votes to have separate inputs, so we can send the instrument to an app, and the voice to another.
    it's spring time!!

  • Any timeline for this....ballpark??

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