TheAudioDabbler | Beatmaker 3 and AUM Sampling

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@RustiK Hope this helps you out.


  • @gmslayton said:

    @RustiK Hope this helps you out.

    Thanks Homie!

  • @gmslayton said:

    @RustiK Hope this helps you out.

    All I got too was the 25 second helped me finish.

    Well that doesn't sound right now does it?

  • For giggles bitches!

    Dirk Dabbler, what IAP do you recommend for BM3?

    I bought 1 this am.

    So gonna grab 2 or 3 others tonight.

    Looking to use for house, electronic, and industrial type stuff.

  • @RustiK that's an @thesoundtestroom question. I haven't bought any sound packs yet and Most likely will not unless Intua wants to give me some packs to demo.

    I have Komplete 11 so I can sample most anything I want from it via my ica4+.

  • love all your vids but the bm3 vids are revelatory.

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