Link for Auria Pro?

Coming back to Auria Pro, want to finally learn it properly and go deeper, but can't find an option to switch on Ableton Link, which I've been using successfully elsewhere to synchronise apps. Is it hidden somewhere I can't see?

If it's not there, is there an idea if or when when it's coming? I can imagine a lot of people would get excited about it, and probably more people would buy Auria, which is otherwise awesome. I'm in the process of wanting to jump back in, and unfortunately this is the biggest obstacle I've come up against so far - I've had some success using Midi Link Sync but it's extremely fiddly and inconsistent - I can't see myself using this workaround for long. Any help appreciated! :)


  • It's not coming. The processing power that would be necessary to stretch/pitch shift audio to any tempo would probably cripple most iPads. I doubt whether any other iOS DAWs like Cubasis will get Link either.

  • I don't see the point of Link in Auria Pro personally. It'd be nice to get a 'Link synced' count in ability, of course, but as a general sync function it's not really what that app is all about. It has its own timeline to sync to and IAA sync works very well with Auria too!

    BeatMaker 3 has a great Link intergration and it's 'live stretch' has worked pretty flawlessly for me so far. Auria Pro has a much more fully featured set of editing tools, while BM3 is perfect for Link synced sequencing.

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