AudioBus Save-State and synchronisation across MORE THAN ONE iPad.

One of the drawbacks of using a single iPad is that one has to keep switching between apps to control different aspects of one's project. Having hardware midi controllers can alleviate this a little but not altogether since many apps have features best operated just from the screen. So..... why not use several iPads in a live set - all linked over a new AB protocol - over wifi for midi but with a means of routing digital audio to some central mixer - digital or other...

Imagine this: being able to use several iPads - with different instruments used on each -in order to gain DSP power- but mainly so that one can have direct access to two or more synths or music iOS apps visually - at the same time.

An AudioBus standard where with iPads feeding a mixer via the audio-outs on each device - allowed Animoog to be open and showing in iPad A, a few synth apps operating in the background - but on a second iPad we have a MIDI arpeggiator showing - but the MIDI gets sent over wi-fi or some other means - to several instances of AudioBus - so for example - BeatMaker could be playing some plugins on iPad three - but also sending MIDI to iPad 1 and two.

And by use of the MIXER page - the volume levels on all three iPads of all instruments hosted inside AB on any of the three iPads - get to be controlled.

And AudioBus would be able to save and load the state of ALL the AB setups and plugins across ALL iPads and - so that loading up a session on iPad A ( say the "master" ) would automatically cause Audiobus on iPad 2 and 3 to load up their ( different ) collection of instruments.

BE CLEAR - I am not talking about just Audiobus Remote" functionality - but something much more like in effect making - say 3 iPads operate - AudioBus-wise - as if they were all one iPad.


  • You can already send MIDI via Bluetooth to another iOS device and have access to apps in AudioBus (or AUM or whatever). I believe the device limit is just two.

    If the Mixer page could show lanes that exist on another device that would be nice to control both on one screen. Or you could do like I do and use a MIDI controller to manipulate two devices.

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