Which iOS DAWs support track-level automation of IAA and AUv3 parameters?

I've found lots of apps that can automate plugin parameters on a pattern-level basis, and BM3 and Modstep are the ones I have the most experience with so far. Does Auria Pro or any other DAW do this on a global, track level?


  • Sunday bump?

    Seems like, from my research, maybe just Auria Pro handles this? Correct me if there's another DAW that does.

  • Auria Pro, for sure (but I think you must draw the automation, it won’t write from the Au’s GUI) Don’t know about any other. Perhaps BM3, but I don’t have it.

  • Only BM3 supports true AU automation at the moment.

  • AUM supports MIDI control of these parameters so if you host an AU in AUM and send a MIDI control sequence from a DAW, AUM can route it to control the AUM hosted AU app. This can be a method for adding de facto AU automation to DAWs which don't provide this type of MIDI support for AU parameters.

  • I made a couple of good phrases with Troublemaker that I added into Gadget for my upcoming “303 Day” track using Multitrack Studio. It also has full AU automation and is a more “traditional DAW” alternative to BM3. Note input is less confusing than it used to be, although not as user-friendly as Gadget. :)

  • Wouldn't a combination of Xequence + AUM work well for this kind of thing?

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