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Inter-App Audio Test Video

Here is a quick video of Inter-App Audio in iOS 7 on my iPad 2. There were no rehearsals, it's quick, it's dirty (a little blurry), and ....well.....I ain't no Doug! HAHA Also note there are more apps with IAA then shown in the list in this video I suppose it depends whether it's a node or whatever as to whether it shows up.

NOTE: The one-bar loop issue I had in the video is my fault and is just a setting I forgot to change in Looptical. Looptical works perfectly fine and I hope I didn't imply that it didn't.


  • This would be a huge deal... If we didn't already have Audiobus :-)

    Anyway, nice to see how it works. Thanks for posting. I wonder if your Looptical was set to record 2 bars.

  • Probably. I figured I'd just roll with it. Also Tenori-On acts like Looptical in the sense that it allows audio to be recorded from a Nave, Magellan, etc so I guess it'd be the "Host"

  • FYI, on your swipe folder complaint at the begning of that video. Notice that the number of apps that will go into a folder has been lifted. Hence the scrolling now.

  • Thanks JMSexton. It was shutting off because Looptical is set 1 bar. Ok, just figured out why I was being asked for microphone allowance from different apps. Lol. Well, thanks some things are clearer now.

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    If you figure out how to set Looptical for more than one bar, let me know.

  • Hi, Mark here, developer of Looptical.

    You probably want to create a longer loop than 1 bar in Looptical. It defaults to 1 bar with the idea that people will want to build up a drum beat quickly. By overdubbing on one bar, repeating it to 4, overdubbing some more. etc.

    In fact, for Inter-App Audio on Looptical, you still probably want to do this and set up a sequenced background beat, and then record your IAA instruments live over the top. There is no MIDI out to the IAA Instrument, mainly because I'm not yet sure how to visualise a track to the user that is both a sequenced MIDI track going to an external source, AND an audio track containing the last recorded pass of that source.

    Because IAA is so new and there wasn't any production software to test with during the iOS7 beta phase (except some Apple demo code), you can expect functionality to improve as developers finally see each other's apps and we work out how best to use the new technology.

    So to create a longer loop to record in:-
    Click on the menu button, top left. Then click on Loop Bank. Then New. Then enter how many bars you want. Trust me, loops make a lot of sense when you know how to swap between them and combine them.

    You are also overdubbing everything on the same track, which is probably not what you want in practice. In Looptical each track has its own insert effects, fader, pan etc. So you should probably create a bunch of audio tracks, and select each one and then record your different instruments on it. Then you can mix your song.

    I appreciate that Looptical has only been out one day and the instruction manual is 80 pages long, so I thought I'd just point these things out here, even though you probably already worked it out.

    Good video though. Thanks.

  • @MooCowMusic - sorry I figured it was probably a setting and I hadn't had much time to okay with you app and didn't want to slow down the video. In regards to overdubbing the same short loop, I know was just trying to keep the video short not make anything musical hope I didn't imply it was your apps fault or anything because it surely wasn't just wanted to quickly demonstrate IAA. Thanks for clarifying!

  • @boone51 that may be the case but still the amount shown in each "window" is less than previous. I use to be able to see all of the apps in the folder in one view versus now scrolling 3 pages

  • Thanks for that video, the only difference I see so far is that it elimates a third app in the mix, meaning AudioBus.
    AudioBus still has its advantage until all the apps get on board and support inter app audio.
    Anxiously awaiting Auria to see how it works with it.

  • I'm getting the same issue with cubasis JMS...but is AB running on IAA now??

    Why not use that?

  • No it's not.

  • it's the same old AB?

  • Until the update which they said the major update would come after iOS 7 and the ones before it were minor maintenance updates

  • Thanks for clearing that up.

  • edited September 2013

    Thanks for posting @Jmsexton

    Bummed that my life is lame enough that I was excited about more icons in app folders and consequently more bummed that the implementation means there are less icons visible at once within a folder. ho hum.

  • Thanks for the video, I also updated my iPad 2, although I said I absolutely wouldn't, but haven't had a chance to try the IAA thing yet as I don't think I have any host app, except maybe some of the Yamaha apps but they're deleted long ago so. I think we'll see a mix of 3 kinds of plugins/methods for quite some time (both sounds sources & effects). Internal/exclusive plugs (FabFilter, PSPaudioware and Auria), Audiobus and this IAA. All having both various advantages and disadvantages, as various devs already pointed out.

    Anyway, we need a modular sound and effect chain yesterday, and I think (hope) Audiobus will be at the forefront with all that (unless they're doing something completely different right now, I would love to know what they've got cooking).

    About the folders, while it's better allowing far more apps inside a folder, I really think they should show a couple more rows on each page, even on the iPhone. It does feel really cramped, and you lose the quick overview the previous folders had.

  • You do realize that modern minimalist GUI design theory decrees that users see as few choices at one time, so as not to confuse their tiny little brains or overburden their information-overloaded senses? Grrrr....

  • Hey Jarrett, great should do more..
    I'm not going to upgrade yet, not until I understand whats going on IAA looks very nice, just watched Rim's video with Auria..I think when all the bugs are sorted its going to be very useful..

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