Using Navichord with a hybrid setup

edited July 2017 in App Tips and Tricks

Alright, this is a pretty niche kinda need on my part, but I figure if I can get help with this it's here in this forum.

So here is my idea, I want to use Navichord like a DAW style midi effect, so where I could play keys on my keyboard obviously, then Navichord would mute the notes outside the scale, then that would go to my digitakt which in turn is recording the sequence to play back Thor, or Animoog or whatever.
I don't know if that makes sense, but I want to use it like the player devices in reason for example, but to then sequence, in key, my iPad synths.
Does that make sense? And how do I go about working that out?

Or am I looking at the wrong app?
What I have done in the past is choose the chord progression I want then sample all those chords into the digitakt, but I want to use the sequencer now.
Cheers, I hope this makes sense!

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