Setting Up two Separate mono Outputs using Garageband

Rreetings as a new member. I have searched the forum for an answer to the following problem.

I have a FocusRite iDock and have a microphone in input one and a guitar in input two. I would like to use Audiobus 3 to apply a reverb app to the microphone and use guitar effects like Amplitube on the guitar input. Is this possible? If so please help me by telling me where I am going wrong!

Failed Method

For the microphone, I open Audiobus 3 and use system input 1, a compatible reverb app and select Garageband as the output.

For the guitar, I open Audiobus 3 to create a "second" signal path, using system input 2 for the guitar, Amplitube as the effect and Garageband as the output.

I open all the apps and then create a Garageband file to create two separate track by selecting the "Audio Recorder". Track 1 uses input 1 of the Focusrite for the microphone and Track 2 uses input 2 of the focus rite for the guitar. I double check to make sure that the inputs and outputs are correct.

I get no output in GarageBand.

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! Best to all.


  • Hey @polyacetylene - sorry about the delay getting back to you. I don't actually have a copy of Amplitube, but I tried to create the same setup here with another app (I used Echo Pad) and everything worked right, so we may need to look a bit closer. What happens if you use the System Audio output in Audiobus, instead of GarageBand? Do you hear everything then?

    Note that as GarageBand isn't a multitrack recorder (it won't record more than one track at a time), you'll only be able to record a single track that mixes the two inputs.

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