Apogee Jam

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I am unable to use my apogee jam with this app. Will there be a fix in the future? The only audio in I can see comes from the Microphone. The Jam goes through the Connector on the bottom. Please let me know!


  • I have the Apogee with me and a guitar cord too (no, guitar). Anyway, I hooked up the Jam with the cord hanging out of it, selected the mic input, selected DAW for the destination, hit record, put my fingers on the end of the cord to make a sound, and it recorded that "noise" sound you get when you touch the end of the cord. I'm going to try it again tonight, but I believe it was working for me.

  • Since neither Mike nor I have an apogee jam to test with, it'd be great if you could confirm that it either works for both of you or neither. Mixed results are tricky for us...
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    Plug in your jam and select microphone as the input...signal from the apogee jam will be processed through the filter and output apps...see video:
  • Derek, you're a life saver!
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