MIDImorphosis & Spectral Eye Pro -- free on 9/19

Folks -- Thursday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day... and over the summer, I put together a pirate-themed board game app with a friend from gradual school. We're celebrating by making the game free on ITLAPD, and I figured I'd do the same with a couple of our other apps. So, a good day to grab some pirate booty.

MIDImorphosis 1.6 should be out by then -- it's in review right now. It features improved chord detection, and the latest and greatest Audiobus SDK (and as far as I can tell, it plays nicely with what you'll see in iOS 7). Here's an updated video...


  • Yarrrrrgh, that's awesome!

  • Aye Matey, Good one on ya! ;-)

  • Arrr! MIDImorphosis 1.6 has been released, and the apps should be free (well, as soon as the Apple servers get done propagating things, that is). Fortunately, there's absolutely nothing else going on right now. Just a regular old calm day in iOS land.

    As far as I know, my apps are cool with iOS 7 -- apart from the apparently universal notification issue -- but if you spot something weird, let me know, and I'll dig into it. I don't have every flavor of iOS device, nor every Audiobus app, so there are certainly combinations that I have not been able to test.

    And of course, everyone here is playing it safe, and is going to hang back with iOS 6 for a bit, right?

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