changing presets does not change states in some situations

Working with paralell audio chains in wich Turnado, frekvens and samplr (amog others) are inserted, when changing from one AB3 preset to another, the states (internal presets) of each one of those three apps do not change. I must clear session in AB3 first and then load the new AB3 preset in order to get all the 3 app proper states. It happens when the same app it's shared among two AB3 presets.
As I use it for live processing of my sax (Apogee one is the converter irig blueboard with 2 expression pedals the controller) the clearing seesion process takes too long, even longer than changing the presets manually in each one of the apps, that`s unacceptable in live performance.
The state recall feature is supose to be the AB3 streghth when compared to other apps, but if it only works partially...
Any workaround, solution, trick... would be aprecciated.
Thanks in advance


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    Thanks for the report @ruizcomposer - and sorry about the delay =) Are you using the latest AB 3 (3.0.4)? We did address a couple of state saving problems there.

  • Hi Michael
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am currently using AB3.0.10 the biggest issue is that virtual midi input state remains off when loading Turnado and turns off when loading another IAP after turnado... it makes very difficult to make transitions between presets in AB3 during live performance, search for the menu, activate it every single time...
    If you may just update this single feature may save my .... )(

  • Hey @ruizcomposer - I've found the issue; it's fixed ready for the next update, which I'll release soon. Sorry about the hassle!

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