I hope this means we'll be seeing Audiobus support soon.

Hi Morris,

Thanks for contacting us. Some of the presets for Alchemy Mobile are based on arp sequencers, and a few of them are looped or rhythmic content. In some cases adjusting the individual performance controls will change or stop the rhythm, but otherwise it's not possible to edit the presets without having access to the full version of Alchemy.

We are preparing a major update to Alchemy Mobile, and will be changing the content slightly (although the current presets will still be available). The new content will be more focussed on traditional instruments.

Let us know if you need any more information.


Camel Audio Support


  • I wouldn't be to surprised if it still didn't include audiobus. But this is great info. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Re: customizing. If you download alchemy player for PC/Mac you can upgrade it to full version as a free trial. Then you have 4 weeks to create new sounds. My time is almost up :-( but it works great. :-)

  • Just downloaded it Ryan. Thanks

  • No problem. If you feel like sharing any sounds you make, that'd be great. [email protected] :-))

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