TheAudioDabbler | Modstep Nugget of Knowledge Parts 3&4


  • Thanks @gmslayton for the tutorials. Now I finally understand why the drum and melodic sequencer work the they do.
    I had no idea before this video what the patterns in the right most column was for (the song mode). Thanks for the clear and concise explanation.

  • Hey @gmslayton - no need to send the link, lurking at all times :blush:
    i think you just found us a bug when a recording is not finished by tapping the record button, but pressing the stop button! We'll have it fixed tomorrow :)
    and besides.. thank you so much for creating these tutorials! Is it alright if we share them via our channels?


  • Thanks for these nuggets--especially happy to learn about the chords feature! I think there was a thread about it a while back and nobody could figure out how to get custom chords set up.

  • @fattigman glad these videos helped.

    @cblomert of course you can share my videos. Thanks for lurking and your continued support of this amazing app.

  • Very interesting.

    But would it be possible not to record Audio, but MIDI from the Song mode?

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