Midi LFOs, Troublemaker, Cubasis 2 (Midi + Audio simultaneously)

edited June 2017 in App Tips and Tricks

I am really enjoying the sound that I get from pairing Midi LFOs with Troublemaker using the latter's sequencer. However, I have been having a problem when I pair the two and try to record in Cubasis 2 both the midi and the audio at the same time.

My biggest difficulty is having Troublemaker "listen" to Midi LFOS while I am recording the midi in Cubase. Midi LFOS gets disconnected no matter if I'm using AB3, AUM, or some combination of the two.

I know that it's possible to export the sequences from Troublemaker to Cubase, but that seems clunky and won't give me the modified midi that I get with Midi LFOs. Essentially I want to "live" record both the audio and midi. I have a number of separate but related Troublemaker sequences that I flip through as TM is playing. Sounds great, just want to get audio and midi at the same time.

Anyone have a similar setup who has a good workaround?

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