Which IAP presets / patches to get for Animoog?

Any recommendations for the "best" IAP for Animoog?

The MiniMoog Expansion Pack comes to mind....

Other recommendations?


  • Irrespective of whether you like their music, the Grateful Dead IAP is fabulous.

  • +1 for the Grateful Dead pack.

  • Yeah the grateful dead is grate for organic sounding timbres.

  • Thanks a bunch, got it and will get the MiniMoog expansion.

  • I forget what it's called, but just like with Model 15, the most expensive one is the best and provides the most content. Can't go wrong with the GD one though, I love that one.

  • Not a fan of the band, but here's another vote for the Dead IAP. It has some fantastic sounds.
    The MonsterMoog and Vintage FX IAPs are also very good.

  • Huge dead fan here and while I too recommend the GD pack as well the name is not really indicative of the content.

  • I ended up getting all of them except for the midi pack. All fun, all good, great variety of sound.

  • Got the GD ;-)

    And will get the other recommendations!

    Thank you!

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