Addictive Synth -> Addictive Pro?!?

Does anybody have both Synths?

I got the impression that the one is the pro-version of the other...
But is this true?

If i get "Pro", do i still need "Synth"?


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  • Pro is an AUx. Meaning you can have more than one instance. Only limitation is your devices cpu. Not sure if I'd need the old one at this point so I never bought it. I mostly stick to AUx apps only now.

  • OK, will follow this path :smile:

    Thank you!

    (still sitting with modstep, just to let you know)

  • Pro also shipped with all of the original's presets, if that makes a difference. The first one was/is a great synth, the second one has all of that, and more...

  • OK, thank you :-)

  • @tja said:
    OK, will follow this path :smile:

    Thank you!

    (still sitting with modstep, just to let you know)

    Heh. Modstep is like an onion. You peel away layers and you find more. Heck. I've actually learned new things recently and I've been using it since launch!

    It's ab3 midi implementation is definitely a lot better than Cubasis. Was disappointed that cubasis doesn't let you choose which ports you want in ab3 itself. Selecting 1 single port to output to multiple other ports is impossible. @Lars you really need to get that working properly. It's such a waste of potential.

    Hence why I needed mf adapter for the ruismaker rack. So far modstep is the only one that lets me really mess around with ab3 midi. So much magic to be had once you use the midiflow filters. Good news is the latest betas seem to have fixed the major bugs so you guys should have access to it relatively soon.

    And there will be more complex experiments once I can let go :D

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