ModStep CC template for Ripplemaker with application notes

OK, this is a quick and easy one as the CC’s are already defined in Ripplemaker.

This is the template to use if you are running the standalone version or if you are hosting the AU in another host (i.e. not in ModStep).

If you are hosting the AU in ModStep itself, ModStep will create a template with parameters from 0 to 27.

Note, if you are using AUM, you don’t need to deal with any MIDI Control mappings, etc. Just point your ModStep Track to the MIDI channel that is assigned to the channel that is hosting the AU in AUM and everything will work.

To install:
You will need iFunBox to copy the template into the correct ModStep folder.
In iFunBox open the ModStep folder “/Templates/CCs/“.
Install "Ripplemaker IAA.mtt" in that folder.

To load this file in ModStep:
1) go to the Template Editor,
2) tap on the CCs folder,
3) drag the “Ripplemaker IAA” template to the bottom half of the screen; the area will highlight.
4) drag the parameter you want to modulate to any of the X/Y slots.
5) go to the Piano Roll or Step Sequencer and modulate away!


Switches work with 0 = off; 1 or higher = on.

This makes control within ModStep (especially the Piano Roll) difficult, as hitting a 0 value is very finicky.

As a correction to what I have stated in previous posts, it is possible to save a controller with a reduced range in ModStep’s template editor, but only when it’s assigned to an X/Y slot. After assigning the control to an X/Y slot, set the Range bar to the appropriate settings, i.e. 0-1. I don’t include these saved ranges as I prefer to not pre-load the X/Y slots and instead just add the controls I want to use for a particular track.

However, a ModStep quirk to recognize is that the range set here only works for the X/Y controllers on the Step Sequencer page. If you go the Piano Roll and paint in a curve, you are always working in the full 0 - 127 range.


Two apparent bugs in Ripplemaker:
1. the Sum Mode Switch doesn’t seem to respond to any values coming over CC12.
2. MIDI CC44 is supposed to transpose the sequencer but doesn’t seem to do anything.


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