When will [insert favourite app name here] be getting Audiobus support? [Updated]

Why can't we answer questions about the intentions of other developers regarding Audiobus?

Us announcing that app XYZ will support Audiobus would mean that we have full control over the development process of third party developers. Obviously, we don't, so we can't announce that third party developers are working on something (and thus promising to ship it) before they've decided that they're absolutely capable of doing it.

Another reason for why we don't do this is that some developers have their own way of announcing features which is embedded in their own marketing strategy, which we don't want to interfere with.

Update: Removed section about the SDK not being public yet. Developers can find the SDK, extensive documentation, and a developer forum here: http://developer.audio.us



  • I agree with everything said, 110%. Co-sign on everything!!

  • I know. I know... we can't know, due to reasons that make sense. BUT I'm going to ask anyway: Has anyone heard from the developer of iFretless? All I want to know is if there is a plan to ever get on the magical mystery Audiobus. And I'll add that they are stark raving mad if they don't. Note that I am asking this of the forum in general, and not Sebastian specifically (sometimes developers will reveal thier intention to integrate. In this case they haven't responded to my inquiry, but maybe someone else has heard/read something).

  • @ZenLizard: Love, LOVE, LOVE! how you managed to ask that question in the thread where I try to explain why I can't answer the question. You guys are lovely... ;D

  • @Sebastian – I'm sorry. I know I'm annoying. I won't do it again. I thought it would be okay if I wasn't asking for you to answer, but the community, and asking "if" instead of "when". So... I'm just going to go stand in the corner now...

  • Shhh, you'll scare the developer away...

  • Any chance of Alchemy and Launchkey integration?


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  • Will audiobus ever get on the bus? How am I supposed to make fractal beats without being able to route AB's output into Audiobus to create an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop an infinite loop.........

  • (disappears up the hole in the centre of the record) (thhhwwwuuuP!)

    credit: bluebottle. And I have the actual record (45 ep from aeons ago) if anybody pricks up their ears at the naming of a Goon.

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  • It depends. Some apps can do it in an hour. Apps that have more complicated routing (Auria, Beatmaker, Cubasis, MultiTrack DAW ... and some others) can take weeks to implement it decently.

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  • Im really hoping the new Traktor DJ app can be put on the list of compatible apps (fingers crossed) and just out of curiosity... Can the output of it all be put into an app which i can then share my audio on the likes of facebook, youtube, etc... ? If so, which app is best?

  • AudioShare will do some of the above IIRC.

  • Add SpaceLab and Vocalive!!!

  • [insert favourite app name here] << this has been on my wishlist for soooo long! ;)

  • Alchemy Mobile no doubt! Been checking Updates in the App Store every other hour for the past 7 days.

  • BTW Sebastian I'm not asking for a date, but would be lying if I said that I was waiting patiently. Jk I'm sure the wait will be worth it, and loving Werkbench on AB right now.

  • hi!

    i'm the maker of soundythingie and i'd love to see if i can add in audiobus support.
    are there any suggestions what i can do to be added to the list of dev teams?

    best, hansi.

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  • Bought "S'thingie, Now on the À-bus pls

  • I would love to be able to control whatever daw I'm using directly from STEPPOLYARP ! That and Alchemy and of course iMINI!

  • KORG was my first wish, and it happened! ;-)
    next wish:
    Yamaha TNRi aka iTenori-on ( even though I notice that Aurora is included! Nice. )

    also ChipPad ( monome type ) and Gruvatron

  • Isequence Hd is a nice app in need of Audiobus

  • Support for VocaLive would be great.

  • For anyone about to comment about the app they want the Audiobus team to add. There seems to be a bit of confusion, The Audiobus team can NOT add your favourite music app to the Audiobus app for you. That is not how this works. The developer (person or company) who made that music app is the only one who may add Audiobus to that music app. You can either contact that developer and ask them to add Audiobus to their app or you can assume they know and wait for them to implement it. :-)

  • @Ryan You KNOW that you started that post by asking Sebastian to add Audiobus to Alchemy! :)

  • @SpookyZoo I don't know where you are getting that from. Show me. I don't think that is correct.

  • @Ryan It was a joke...I obviously disguised the humour somehow? :/

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