Tera Synth played from midiSTEPs.... does not seem to work :-(

Playing around with midiSTEPs, it occurred to me that Tera Synth just does not seem to work with it, being triggered from midiSTEPs.

I tried other Synth and did not see similar problem.

Anybody has this combination and could give a hint how to get this working?

Yes, I also tried with AudioBus, but this did not work too and I wanted to reduce the components while trying to find a way...


  • tjatja
    edited June 2017

    So, Background Audio is ON in both, I tried Channel 1, 2 and OMNI.
    No sound from Tera so far :-(

    Yes, it plays when on itself....

    I restarted everything, make a Session Clean in AudioBus and even rebooted the device

  • This forum seems to upload images in some arbitrary order :-(
    Next strange thing....

  • I don't have any of these apps , but could try helping... does Tera Synth has an option to select Midi Device/Port or only midi channel?

  • Just use midiSTEPs own output port. And set terasynth to receive on that channel.
    Working fine here.

  • tjatja
    edited June 2017

    Yes, to both of you: MidiSTEPs creates a midiSTEPs Out Channel...
    But in Tera, I can only choose the Channel Number, not a name or device or such.
    My picture shows this...

    Maybe I misconfigured some other part within midiSTEPs?!?
    Going to reinstall the App to make sure.

  • Arghhhhh :neutral:

    I cannot currently reinstall :blush:

    It seems, Apple did not get the last money and now I cannot download from the App Store again :-(

    Will try to fix that tomorrow ...
    Thanks for the hint about the "midiSTEPs Out" - maybe this will fix the issue.

    But anyway, Tera Synth seems to be more difficult in this regard compared to other Synths

  • @tja
    @gonekrazy3000 said you should select midisteps out port , in midisteps app , no need to reinstall .

  • Tooooo late :-))))

  • i literally meant just choose the channel. eg:- 1-16. Tera Synth listens to all ports. so the only way to make it not listen to midi meant for other synths is to put it to a much higher channel number. personally i use channel 12. so in midisteps i also set it to channel 12.

  • I will try this tomorrow, when I hopefully can reinstall :-D
    Will try Channel 12 on both "Tera Synth" and "midiSTEPs Out"!

  • I could reinstall midiSTEPs and now it works with Tera Synth, over "midiSTEPs Out" on Channel 1

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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