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OT: iPad Pro for Artists

Just wondering if any of the Audiobus community are using their existing Pros for drawing/painting/graphics and can comment on their preferred size?

I'm torn between the added screen real estate of the new 12.9 vs the increased portability & lesser weight of the 10.5...
How much difference would 2.4" really make?


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    I have a 21.5" Cintiq which is awesome and was hoping for a Mini Pro for drawing and painting on the go. I draw on my 9.5 ipad on the train (provided I get a table) and it is totaly fine but wanted something that fits in my jacket pocket that I can easily hold in one hand and paint with the other. My mini2 with a wacom finetooth bluetooth stylus is actually not bad at all for this (they have a new stylus coming out called Bamboo Sketch, which aparently is even better). Anyway, If apple truly has phased out the mini and there will be no mini pro then I might one day get a wacom based 7.5" android or windows tablet for this.

    Ultimately if I didn't have the Cintiq and was just painting on one iPad (I have spent some time sketching on the iPad pro) I probably would go with the 10.5 to suit at home and on the go.

  • 12.9 Procreate(for nearly everything)
    Adobe draw sketch and line( mostly for vector)
    Paper(still the best for watercolour)
    Tangledfx /ComicTycoonHd /Waterlogue for image mashing( woodcut, cartoon and watercolour basic respectively)
    And new kids on the block...
    Affinity photo (the photoshop killer)
    Paintstorm (the Corel painter killer)

    Astrodog does a good job of turning the iPad into a cintiq remote to link to a computer

    Oh and what ever anyone says the pencil is totally worth the extra investment.

  • @Mrjonscho said:
    Oh and what ever anyone says the pencil is totally worth the extra investment.

    It's ok... ;)

  • I use a 12.9 with the pencil and I'm an artist for a living. I'm sure some would disagree but I prefer it to my cintiq, it gets the job done and is much more portable. Need be you could always transfer to a desktop for any finishing touches. I think the pencil is totally worth it also. Just my 2 cents:)

  • @nrgb said:
    How much difference would 2.4" really make?

    The BigBoy screen size is about the same as an 8.5 x 11" piece of drawing paper: drawing-wise that's about the smallest I can handle without introducing constant zooming in and out to the workflow.

    The 12.9 is big in relative iPad scale but ultimately a standard sheet of paper. The Pencil is the best stylus I've ever used.

  • My son is asking for an iPad for his birthday (21st) to use for drawing only.
    He has a gaming desk top and laptop so he has plenty of processing power elsewhere.
    It’s likely that drawing is all he will use it for.
    He’s not a pro at it by any means but it’s something he’s enjoyed since as long as I remember.
    Can you good people make some recommendations please? Thanks in advance.

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    I use an original 12.9 Pro with Pencil, and very happy with that. Apple’s introduction of a new Pro which is incompatible with the old pencil is a clear disincentive to upgrade, I hope they realise that. And mostly Procreate for software.

  • In your situation I would get the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. It will last longer and run better. Apple have already announced that Adobe Photoshop will be released for iPad Pro and your son will get a year or two more use out of the device if he has the latest hardware currently available.

    The Apple Pencil is great no matter what version you get but I can’t stand the lightning charging of the gen 1 Pencil. Only the 2018 iPad Pro can use the Pencil 2 which charges wirelessly. It seems to be a much more elegant solution.

  • @PhilW , @Hmtx . Is storage capacity an issue? Again, he will only be using it to draw.

  • For just drawing, I would think 64GB would be fine. But if he ends up realizing how good it is for movies... goes on a trip and wants to download some shows... you never know how he might want to use it in the future.

  • @Ben (echoing what I posted above in this thread) The 12.9" amounts to about the size of a piece of 8.5x11" paper so in addition to being more roomy than the smaller iPads also feels familiar which goes a long way. I'd also highly, Highly recommend the Tech Armor anti-glare / anti-fingerprint screen protector as it turns the slippery glass into a far more paper like tooth which again lends tremendous familiarity to how analog pen / pencil feel on actual paper. Be sure to get that specific one as the others don't have the essential matte-tooth.
    iPad + Apple Pencil + Tech Armor screen protector + Procreate (and whatever other apps) and the kid will be Flying into the graphic future. Good luck!

  • Hey everyone! Thanks for all the great advice. I’m sure we’ll be able to find one that works for him.

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