AUM / AudioBus: Is it possible to record MIDI from Cubasis to AudiShare (or AUM)?

I realy tried ...
I also read ...
I search YouTube ...

But i cannot find a way to save MIDI from Cubasis into a file.
AudiShare is not available as MIDI Output in AudioBus, so it seem to need AUM for this:


  • tjatja
    edited June 2017

    I then though that I need AudioShare in AudioBus as well, just to have it contained in AudioShare for use in AUM:

  • But in AUM, I cannot find a way from Cubasis or the AUM Input into AudioShare:

  • I CAN add AudioBus as Output:

  • tjatja
    edited June 2017

    And the MIDI routing does not seem to have a solution for this:

  • The forum software is definitely strange - I can send a posting with an picture as add on and when I am to fast, it uploads the posting but not the picture.

  • So, am I doing something completely wrong, or is such MIDI recording and saving not possible?

    If No, maybe with other Apps?

    I also would like to use this with Gadget, to get around the Dropbox limitation :smiley:

  • Neither AUM or AudioShare record MIDI. You can store MIDI files in AudioShare. You can route MIDI from Audiobus 3, or AUM to Cubasis via hosted MIDI apps. Cubasis does allow you to mixdown MIDI or export as separate MIDI tracks which can then be shared directly into AudioShare.

  • Ahhhhhh

    This lits my darkness!

    Thank you very much!

    Somehow, I thought that with all those MIDI connections, routing and controls in AudioBus and AUM, it would be possible to just route MIDI into a file in AUM or over AudioShare.

    And this would be great indeed...
    Going to change my setup :smile:

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