Using iRig Blueboard with Amplitube and Loopy HD simultaneously

Hello everyone,

So I'm pretty happy to say that I am ditching the Boss RC-300 since it works great for live applications but haven't been to fond of it for recording. I am really pleased with Loopy HD and thanks to Audiobus I can link my guitar, vocals, and synthesizer, drum machine, name it. Super stoked. I purchased an iRig Blueboard to be used as my foot pedal and it works with either Amplitube to control my guitar effects so I can do my soft to load, (Nirvana, Pixies style playing) and Loopy HD. It works fine stand-alone, but once both apps are connected, it wants to control both of them simultaneously. I was hoping that it would only effect the app open to the current screen but I get why it doesn't work that way.

I also am using an Akai mpk225 midi controller and I know it has the ability to control Loopy HD, but it doesn't give me the ability to do the one click method and wants to set it to the on off method like blueboard does if I have it set to program change mode, plus I'd have to take my hands off the guitar overtime I want to manipulate Loopy.

Basically my setup and idea in mind is this. I want to lay down a good beat using a drum machine app like DM1, add some cool sounds using my midi controller with a synth app like sunrizer, play some guitar over it and sometimes adding a little bit of vocals and using Loopy HD to loop of that. Then I want to be able to record everything into either GarageBand or a recommended DAW finally adding one more track of improved guitar soloing. The more I can keep the tracks separate the better for editing purpose and the more I can keep my hands on the gear and off the screen the better. Audiobus has made so much more possible than how I was doing it all before. I know that was a lot but I figure there is someone out there who has a similar approach or can send me in the right direction. Much love.

Look forward to hearing the feedback and I'm super open to any suggestions in changing my approach, different apps, gear...etc.


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