Simultaneous multitrack recording using Apogee Duet and GarageBand

Hi ya'll,

  So I recently switched over to my iPad from a Mac once I learned about Audiobus' ability to run multiple apps simultaneously and connect them. As well I purchased an Apogee Duet and have been really pleased with the sound quality and the ability to record simultaneous tracks on an iOS device. Everything has been going pretty smooth and I'm getting used to all of my new equipment but I keep running into one drawback, recording simultaneous tracks into GarageBand going through Audiobus. 

 I'm able to record both my guitar and vocals simultaneously, and Audiobus is keeping them separate in the regard that Amplitube, the app I'm using for guitar, is not adding any fx to my vocals, or vice verse with IK's vocal app. The problem lies when I go to record them into GarageBand, even though I have them running through separate channels with the duet, GB records two tracks simultaneously, but they are both identical,  containing both instruments and making it impossible to edit separately. 

I've played around with a bunch of different configurations but let me layout what I'm doing so you can correct me if I'm wrong.

In Audiobus, I create one stream with system audio as my input selected to channel 1, which is my guitar input corresponding with ch 1 of the Duet. I then add Amplitube as my fx, and GB as my output.

I create another stream with system audio ch 2 as my input, which is my mic input corresponding with the Duet. I add IK's Vocal Live as the fx and again GB as the output.

In GB, I create one track selected to ch 1 and one to ch 2. I can tell that it won't work right away because when I go to monitor them, both meters react to the instrument or mic.

*** I have tried using Amplitube and vocal live as the input, which works find stand alone but when they are both open I get guitar distorted vocals and vice verse with the guitar. Am I doing this part right. I don't notice many people using system audio as the input on most of the Youtube videos I have seen?

Well I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say and I appreciate the help in advance.

Also, any recommendations on an app besides GB I'd be open to.


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    Do you have the option checked in garageband to allow multitrack recording? I think it's in the advanced options when you go to the song settings. I am guessing that is the issue because it's not checked by default.

    Or, upon reading again, can garageband accept multiple audiobus streams? It may be combining them there, but garageband definitely can record multiple tracks at once straight from your duet. I just use the amps and vocal effects in garageband because I use it for writing demos, so the quality is fine. Actually, I do think they sound good, but my demos are strictly for writing as everything gets presented to the full band and we all work on each other's ideas and record live.

  • Yeah it's definitely checked. It's recording two tracks they are just identical.

    The question is, can GarageBand separate dual streams from Audiobus? I'm not sure how Audiobus works but I have a feeling that it combines the different channels into one output but hopefully I'm wrong.

    Thanks for the feedback though

  • I don't have audiobus 3, but 2 does multiple lanes. I don't think garageband can do it though. Auria definitely can.

  • I don't have Garageband installed, but afaik it can only record 1 stereo track per take.
    Just get something else...
    If you're a solid performer, Multitrack-DAW (by Harmonic Dog) is a neat app with all essentials and no distraction at all.
    If you're more on the 'post-processing and arrange it later' side of things, Audio-Evolution is a very complete DAW, that you can try with 3 stereo-tracks for free. In-app purchase for unlimited tracks and busses is about 7 bucks.
    It's worth checking as it seems to be competitive to the big ones like Cubasis or Auria Pro.

  • Thanks Telefunky,

    I'm definitely going to try Audio-Evolution. I should have mentioned that I am able to record separate tracks with separate channels with GarageBand if I don't use Audiobus which is why I am thinking it has something to do with how audiobus outputs the signals through the stream. Regardless, I will definitely check out the free app and see how it goes. Thanks again.

  • even if it looks more 'expensive' for it's humble set of features, don't underestimate Multitrack-DAW.
    Has been a true workhorse for me since the days of the iPad One.
    It's definitely not cool for arrangements with lots of snippets moved around, but rules when recording/overdubbing.
    The surface is MUCH more responsive than any of the graphically more sophisticated apps and it's audio engine is top notch (the developer once revealed some details).

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