Thanks for the inspiration... and memories

I'm not much of a contributor to the forum, but I check in everyday for tips, news, views and reviews on the ios music scene.

Recently two posts, "old" style electronic music by max23 and single source experiments by waynerowand, sent me to the ipad.

Back in the early 2000s when I had my bedroom studio, I would get up early in the morning and record something on cassette to listen to while on the way to and during work. I worked in a darkroom and had hours to myself.

This daily ritual, starting and finishing a tune in a day, produced a lot of way eventually ended up on the orginal site, three cds and alot of good friends from around the world.

Most of my music was ambient/soundscape stuff made please an audience of one and much of it was single source instruments due to limited equipment and budget. Still love the genre.

Anyway, got up this morning in a way back then mood and made this.To honor the intent, I used Xynthesizr, a not too old app that I haven't used in awhile. The song name comes from the title of a story by Richard Matheson, which later became the movie "Somewhere In Time" .

Long winded, but enjoy the ambience.

And thanks for all your posts.


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    That's a nice piece.

    And the cool thing now is you can be on your device at work and edit that piece rather than just listen to it. Taking into account of course your vocation and how much of said shenanigans you can get away with.

  • thanks heybail. i have a different job, so i'll confine these activities to lunch break.

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