2XB303 Bass Synth.

How many of these on iOS!


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  • I think @brambos has this beat... ;)

  • Awesome. There can never be enough bass synths!

  • @Jumpercollins said:

    How many of these on iOS!

    Just one....Troublemaker ;)

    Also...what the hell ever happened to SKRAM?? Does anyone even remember that app? It was the talk of the town for a minute or two, then silence. Wasn't there supposed to be all sorts of "new" stuff coming for it?

  • I already got Troublemaker and Transistor Bass in FLSM3. This newcomer looks promising and quite useful, but I'm not sure what it can do differently than Troublemaker and Transistor Bass. I'll probably pass unless it has some ridiculously cheap intro price like $2.99.

  • Intresting......... The layout is simular to FL Studio "Transistor Bass" vst. But we'll see if it can be as good as TroubleMaker?......

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