"Mindlss," another all iOS made album

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Howdy, I've just released my 4th iOS made LP (it's my 5th release on bandcamp including a 4 song EP). I really have to start the thanks with @Michael and @Sebastian, because If it were not for Audiobus, I doubt if I'd gotten this far with my music production. I started doing iOS music before AudioBus appeared, and it really was a struggle to get much done in those ancient times. We have come a long way, but I like to think that the journey is just getting started.

I also need to thank Doug of @thesoundtestroom, as he has been a long time inspiration to me, as well as being a pillar of the community.

The album, Mindless, is mostly rock with some jazzy stuff and a couple of soundscape type pieces. Beyond using AudioBus2 on the album, Cubasis was the main DAW, but Korg's Gadget, and Module were used on several of the tracks. A complete app breakdown is available on the album site.

Album link:

As with my other releases, I made a music video to accompany the album, this one is for the title song, Mindless:

If you take the time to check it out, I really appreciate it and I give you my heartfelt thanks.



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  • Watched the video (great ideas in there!) and listened to first few tracks (going out soon so will listen to the rest later!). Step Up and Centurion are my favourites so far but isn't it amazing what we can achieve nowadays?! :smile:

  • And I am mindless, but after 3 years of blagged WI membership, I do make decent, honest cakes. So thank you because your timing is impeccable. The length of each track mirrored the time taken to perform some of the important processes of this heart stopper (real butter and tons of it)I just made.

    Mindless. The music stopped me hand whisking. The video numbed me and is uncanny. The lab, test tubes, yellow hoody.... the explosion. At least Walter White had knowledge of chemistry. I did alright though.....

    Cages. Brilliant. The stabs are infectious/hypnotic, and that organ thing elevates elevators.

    Kapaa Walk. Got a sniff of Ian Anderson sunbathing on Negril beach in moss covered bathers.

    Step up. Ah yeah. Perfect folding in tempo. The playful plonks on the keys for the spooning up, and the softened brass for the fold movement. Lots of stuff going on but you have created so much air, space and texture in this tune. Clever chef.

    The Centurion. Pecan nuts worst enemy. Cut, cut, cut. Stab, stab, hack. Hammer, hammer etc. Have that oh shell'd ones..... Toz has spoken. Was a geezer (I think) who played gear like this in SOTMC and good to experience something of similar stunningness.

    Rhinestones. (Cowboy). Well of course it's my favourite. Mmmm, can hear vocals on this. There's a young talent down the club who possesses aching qualities and doesn't scream or shout.

    Mood Forge. Ooooh. Dark. The strings... where are you taking me. I am frightened and please hold my hand, on the edge, over I go... Wow. You've dropped me into a peaceful paradise. Fluffy clouds and meadow grass. A crash... awake again... staring through the oven glass. Will it rise?

    Purple X. Come on bastard... RISE. Can't you hear those sparkly shines.. sponge? Well, can't you? Feel them and soak up. Toz has kindly given you an organic raising agent. Thank Toz, you selfish spuuuunge. NOW.

    Outer Rings. Great. So have I. Stuck to the sides of the baking tray. All my fault but with your help I may salvage some of its cholesterol. On an anvil, I'm sledging the bottom of the tray in time with your snare and wonderful whisper/washy hats. Love your drums.

    Have you got a track that will help me get the flow of superglue to mirror that of the buttercream please. Like an ocean of melting icebergs here.

    Excellent album, full of goodness. Congratulations and applause from the Punk. :)

  • @Bluepunk -- wow, thank you very much for the comments, they made me LOL. I don't have a track to help with the superglue issue, but now I might have to craft one.

    @AlterEgo_UK -- thanks a lot, and yes I'm constantly amazed by the tools we have and thankful that we have a community of folks that can help us use them.

  • I cannot see the Album link, could you post it?
    (meaning the site with the App information)

    Thank you, listening now :blush:

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    Hi @tja - thanks for listening,
    Link to my Bandcamp page that has all of my albums: https://tozbourne.bandcamp.com
    By song, the app details are within each track, but the main "mindless" page has all of the apps used on the album.

  • Wow @TozBourne, that's a very nice album! I enjoyed listening to it from start to finish. I'm a Medeski Martin & Wood - and also a King Crimson fan and your album fits very well in a shuffled playlist of albums from them...
    Intriguing video also!

  • @Harro said:
    Wow @TozBourne, that's a very nice album! I enjoyed listening to it from start to finish. I'm a Medeski Martin & Wood - and also a King Crimson fan and your album fits very well in a shuffled playlist of albums from them...
    Intriguing video also!

    Thank you very much Harro. To be mentioned with those artists is an extreme compliment; I'm a big fan as well and I know that I have no where near the talent of the likes of MM&W or KC, but for my music to fit in with them is a thrilling and humbling thought. That also helps gives me inspiration to keep going and to keep improving.

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