iPad + iPhone : tips for app filesharing


Been using a Pad Air2 for a few years and still very satisfied; recently got an iPhone7 and am looking for some tips on :

app filesharing : how to easily send audiofiles/audiofolders from the Pad to the phone without having to hookup to a computer with iTunes (mainly for apps Audioshare and Blocs) ? Right now Audioshare allows for WIFI ftp share, but you need a computer and it is only download per one file, for Blocs I did so through Audioshare, also per one sample/loop which was pretty timeconsuming.
In Audioshare & Blocs on the Pad, I have now a audio library that is fine, but cannot clone it to the phone. Tried iFunbox, but you cannot copy/paste between iOS devices.

It's my first with both iOS devices, so Audiobus and Remote will come in handy ;) any must-try fun combos of apps/remote between both devices to be even more asocial in the couch/at the table?



  • ZIP the folders in AudioShare and use AirDrop to send the zip-files between devices, doesn't get much easier than that.

  • Awesome tip thanks @Samu !

    Any must-try combos between phone and pad?

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