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Using VoiceRackFX in AUM to process my guitar. Pretty cool result. I love AUM and its routing abilities.

Just realized I forgot to flip the video before I processed it.

Does my video intro music suck?
  1. Please be honest.14 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • I love this stuff. Thanks for all the content you are putting out.

  • Also, quick poll: who else can't stand the intro audio? Sorry Mitch, but it is just... harsh. Some of the real audio producers here might have a better word for it, but something about it makes me want to turn it off (and I never do, because I know I'll like the video when the intro is over).

    Please forgive me for the open criticism. I think we're among friends here; and really the reason I'm telling you is because I want more people to view your channel. Peace.

  • @Hmtx thanks for the honesty. I attached a poll to this thread to get some feedback.

    I did that music quickly and haven't given much thought to it since. I may have been to excited about my animation that I overlooked the audio.

  • voted, thanks. But LOL, It doesn't suck. I do like the feel and the tempo.

    Before I say more I'm curious to see if others notice what I'm thinking

  • @Hmtx seems like the 8 people that have voted are leaning towards I need to change up the music.

    I do like the track but I think it may come on to strong for an intro. I will play around with some stuff and see if I can't get some soft yet energetic music going on.

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    @gmslayton Music's fine. Probably 2 to 3 seconds too long (six secs instead of 9 maybe?). Prefer audio logos to have a clean end, but I think if you think too much about it you're probably overthinking it :) How about a C+? Did not vote because the yes/no/suck is too extreme. Should offer a 3rd = No strong feelings either way etc.

  • Alright, if I were you, I might just leave it. 6 no likes and 5 likes. That's not bad.

    But then again it's YouTube, where the first coupla seconds of a video determine whether a listener stays or skips to something else. So 50% + not liking your intro is a pretty big amount.

    I listened again a few times. The deal for me is that lead synth is just too harsh in the upper frequencies. Put a tiny amount of low pass filter and it would be a lot better. Or if you have a visual EQ, then take a look and notch out a bit of those specific harsh high frequencies. That's what I would try to do. The tune is OK, maybe even good. It's just the mastering that gets on my nerves. And I'm no expert. It may even be that my headphones are colored and boost a specific frequency that happens to be loud in that specific lead synth patch.

    2nd option: hire Jakob Haq. His new YouTube audio intro is killer. Mysterious, Inviting, Rich. ;-)

    I do like the visual sequence you made, what program was that done in?

  • @hmtx Youtube viewers are finicky so a rewrite will be in order. Just to tone it down a little so that its not so in your face.

    @jakoB_haQ is awesome and I could only hope to make an intro as good as his one day.

    I used Motion 5 for the intro. This was my first attempt and it came out pretty good. Motion is pretty awesome at creating stuff like that and can be as simple and complex as you want it.

    @JohnnyGoodyear I was using my ipad when I added the poll and it didnt seem to give me many options to add a 3rd option. Was going to put an "Ehhhh" option. I do overthink everything so I am sure I am doing that with this as well.

  • @Hmtx I updated the intro music on my last 2 videos. Let me know what you think.

  • Definitely better. But now its begging me to add some bass/ drums :smiley:

    And at the end of the day you are putting out way more good, helpful content than most of us so... no complaints, keep it up!

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