State Saving Issues with some major music instrument apps

I recently purchased Audiobus 3. I love it. Especially the Audio Mixer capabilities. I do have a problem with the State Saving function.

When I save a preset and then load that preset at a later time, the various apps that were used in the preset are loaded correctly but, not the state they were in when the preset was saved. i.e. KORG Module doesn't load the correct instrument.

Here's is a list of the music instrument apps on my iPad Air 2: CMP Piano, KORG Module, KORG iM1, iLectric Piano and MKSensation.

Am I doing something wrong or have any of the apps that I’ve listed above bothered to implement the “state saving” feature of Audiobus 3?


  • you can use the " Apps" database on this very Audiobus website to check , use the StateSave filter & type in the name of each of your apps . I've done CMP piano for you as you can see in photo it's not found with StateSaving .
    Write to the dev & request this feature .

  • The Korg stuff doesn't support state saving, not sure why, I'm pretty annoyed about it. Maybe Gadget does, not sure? I'm in the same boat as you though, I use Module and iM1 as my main sound source apps and I am almost ready to ditch them since I can't state save or use the midi functions without workarounds. blah :/

  • Thank you Wally and mptrin for your quick and informative responses. It's nice to know that this State Saving issue is not a user error on my part.

    The contrast between how some developers keep their apps updated to take advantage of new versions of iOS or Audiobus 3 and how other very popular apps are rarely if ever updated gives me a sinking feeling of "not ready for prime time" when it comes to performing live while using an iPad or iPhone for layering sounds. My most outstanding negative example is Yamaha's neglecting to update the P-255 Controller app for use with the P-255 piano. This app not only generates a message that it's slowing down my iPhone but it also warns me that soon, it will be completely incompatible with iOS.

    When this app was functioning properly, it gave the player access to a myriad of features that are not available from the hardware controls on the piano itself. My $1,200 keyboard is about to be orphaned because of the manufacturer not keeping up to date with iOS.

    It's kind of sobering to realize that the useful life of a professional musical instrument might be determined by whether or not it is kept up to date with iOS. Yet another reason that I purchased a Casio Privia Pro PX-560 for my solo and duo gigs. I can easily access all of the controls from the touch screen.

    Enough complaining from me. Thanks again for the help.

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