Trap Hi-Hats on Recife

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So at the request of my hip-hop kid (he goes to the same Brooklyn high school Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew went to, for what it's worth), I need to come up with a trap beat.
It's pretty simple in theory, and the sounds in the Recife Gadget are ideal.
But the soul of a trap beat — those drill-like hi-hats — are not working for me.
I lay down the eight-notes using the Repeat button. Then I'd like to drop in 1/16 notes here and there, a few 1/16th triplets, and if I can stomach it, a burst of 1/32nd notes. But the result is a mess of off-beat dropouts. I have tried grouping and ungrouping the hi-hats: same result.

Here's a tutorial for how to do it on a Maschine.


  • There's this
    so thanks @jakoB_haQ for these trap drums. But I can't believe nobody is using Recife for this.

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    So I played around with automating the repeat speed. Didnt seem to get desired results. I thought about midi mapping the repeat speed knob to a series of buttons on my quneo at different velocities but it just records automation. same as just drawing it in.

    What we need is an app that can send midi out that simulates the note repeat functions of the hardware MPC, Akai controllers, or Mashine. I dont know if one exists. Maybe BM2? or BM3 once it finally gets released?

  • I think it's definitely possible. I loaded the same HH sample on four pads and set the repeat parameters differently on each one. That way you can record 1/8 notes and perform with 1/16, 1/132, 1/64 notes on the fly to overlap the original recorded beat. It's not perfect or easy to automate but still sounds pretty good.
    The samples in Recife are damn good I think.

  • that is a really clever fix.

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