Moebius Lab - Synth mode does not seem to receive midi from Fugue Machine in Audiobus 3

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I'm not able to get the Moebius Lab synth to play midi from Fugue Machine through either Audiobus 3 or without (just using the routing midi directly from Fugue Machine to Moebius Lab). I can get this setup to work with other apps - Fugue Machine into Funkbox or Fugue Machine into ReSlice, but the Moebius Lab (in synth mode) does not seem to receive the midi data.

Any ideas?


  • dunno about ab3 but moebius does not seem to listen to its IAA host, but it does listen on its own virtual port.

  • Thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean by "listen". I can get audio, but can't seem to receive midi. Ideally, I would like to use the Moebius synth to receive midi data.

  • i mean listen to incoming MIDI.

    turn on the virtual port in moebius midi settings, then send midi to that port and it will work. be sure the channel filter (top right of midi settings) is set as you desire.

    it does not listen/respond to midi sent to its IAA host midi port

  • Works like a charm! Thanks for your help and patience with this, wellingtonCRES!

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