ChordFlow beta testing is started (new testers are welcome)

If you like to try out ChordFlow before the release. Send me an email to [email protected] , I will add you to the group of testers.


  • remember how you liked Chordbot but aww shucks it didn't have live midi out, only export? And you kinda felt like you were cheating or being lazy cause you couldn't program your own rhythms/patterns? Problem solved folks. This is a good one right here.

  • yeah, this app is awesome! tried it out this morning.. loving it. it's very quick at writing out rythms and melodies. also the developer is very easy to chat with and is interested in
    making this app the best it can be. it's gonna be a keeper

  • Thanks all who helped me with the beta testing. ChordFlow is now on the App Store

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