AB3 bug no sound on speaker REOPENED

EDIT 2: Jonatan has replied again, saying that since everything works fine hosted in AudioShare, then it may be a problem with AB3. I've sent him a link to this thread. All the best!

EDIT 1: the audioshare dev, Jonatan, just replied & said it was a known issue & would be fixed in the next update. One workaround is to not use AB3 at all, and just record iElectribe into AudioShare using its own recorder/IAA setup. Cheers!

With an iPhone 6S+ and iOS 10.3.1, trying to record iElectribe to AudioShare, there is no sound when using the iPhone's speaker. If I plug in headphones then the sound returns. I've emailed the AudioShare developer too.

Many thanks! Loving AB3!!


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