iphone 4s performance reports?

Hello world!

Could any iphone 4s/audiobus users share their performance experience?
I know I could just install the app myself, but I use my iphone 4s on stage (i know but hey it works) and therefore some of the apps (like loopy) are still a couple of versions behind due to compatibility issues so I would prefer to have some tips on the performance before I make the plunge.

Thank you!


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    Hi @ToniFranco , I have an iPhone 4S. I have not had any problems but I pretty much only use one input at a time and most of my apps are pretty good for CPU usage. So really, it depends what you want to do. If you want to run more then one (or in some cases just one) Korg apps, you'll be disapointed. But if you want to play just one input, one effect, and one output then you should be just fine. :-)

    EDIT: Not actually sure if any Korg apps work with iPhone, I don't own any, just have heard they are massive CPU hogs ;-)

  • 4S user here, too.
    No problems really. Well, one problem.
    Sometimes when I connect Jamup and Loopy through Audiobus, I get a weird distortion from my bass, shutting down the apps and reopening through Audiobus fixed it.
    Running just Jamup for my stage sound, no problems at all.

  • Thanks guys!

    I will do some testing with my set-up & app list and will report here for others.

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