New Lumbeat app Future Drummer coming soon!



  • I've got all of his apps too, been recording whatever which way.... I surely didn't get into iOS for the lack of basic standard features

  • it's getting old quick

  • Yah, i have spent a fair share of time just soloing/ recording tracks from Soft and Funk Drummer. Multi outs and export like Patterning would be super nice, particularly for this style, where seperate fx routing would be great.

  • @AudioGus said:

    @kobamoto said:
    I don't have gadget, but that's still great that it has midi out...., I wish all of his apps had midi out, sample import, and audio export.

    I have been using the 'live mode' for recording overdubs into Blocs Wave, addictive!

    Yes. This was/is on my meal plan.

  • one of the best devs on iOS though, or I surely wouldn't bother

  • Word is: "Next Week"

  • @AudioGus said:
    Word is: "Next Week"

    Cool I'm in!

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