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Free Presets for Magellan

edited November 2013 in Market Place

I started a new website for presets and made a free preset pack for Magellan. You can download the package at There are 30 presets along with 30 .wav samples. Please enjoy.


  • Nice setup and I love the logo! Might want to make the header a little bigger though that the "sub-title" is really small font but love the look of everything

  • Thank you very much. Yeah that sub-title is small. Thanks for the advice.

  • Nice....please do some for Animoog ! I am looking for moar new sounds for that awesome synth..!!

  • It's on the list. I just want to wrap up two more sets for Magellan. And after that I'll begin with other iOS synths. Thanks for your interest.

  • FYI All Magellan preset packs are 50% off at

  • How are these installed in the app?

  • Hi. Thanks for your question. A file will be emailed and you import the preset pack file (.yban) through iTunes from your computer. Or you can use a mail client and choose 'Open in Magellan'. The preset pack also comes with instructions.

  • Hey Jesse..just downloaded the free pack for Magellan and I goota say they are superb...will be getting the paid ones too, very good value and such a good site..nice work...I used GoodReader to unzip..worked like a beans..

  • Thanks for the feedback, glad you like them. PPG WaveGenerator will follow soon.

  • Just got the freebie pack and will likely be picking up the Chiptune one. Great samples! Nicely done!

  • Thank you.
    I can't believe is for free.

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