Pretend guitars for Audiobus?

Is there any way to get one of those virtual guitar apps recorded into Audiobus yet? Live Guitar, WI Guitar, the GarageBand smart guitar, etc? I love noodling with my synths, but I would like to lay down a guitar line too. And I don't own an actual guitar at present.

Any thoughts, guys?


  • You could run a clean electric or acoustic guitar from thumbjam through jamup

  • Yeah, I thought that but it's not very strummy. :)

  • For future reference you could look into the yourock midi guitar. That's what I use to lay down guitar parts. Then you can use any sound and any synth that accepts external midi. Since Gen 2 came out you can get Gen 1 for about $75 bucks. It has strings to strum and whammy bar. The internal sounds suck but can be doctored up in jamup. So you can go midi or straight in through any guitar interface (apogee) or similar.

  • Maybe this is moot but you could record the garage band guitar, export it and load it into loopy afterwards? I know, not as good, but it would work at least. Apparently there is a way to stream audio from apps that don't support Audiobus through TJ into Audiobus, not sure how to make it work yet though.

  • Actually you can use Wi guitar with thumbjam or any other vitual midi and audiobus compatible synth that can be set to Midi omni mode. Then choose Core Midi out in Wi guitar. Don´t really know why this is working, but it does. I tried Thumbjam and Sunrizer in Omni mode.
    On a side note, I asked Wallander Instr. about virtual midi and audiobus support a few weeks ago and their answer is: nothing planned.

  • I'm the developer for Live Guitar. Gonna happen soon. Need more coffee.

  • That would be ace! :)

  • SansNom is right -- if you use something like Thumbjam to generate audio, then the MIDI controller guitar apps should work fine. The free version of Live Guitar does this now (you'll need to turn off MIDI output in ThumbJam -- a bug in the current LG doesn't handle incoming clock messages correctly, resulting in a crash).

    You don't get access to the Audiobus control panel within LG right now -- so recording is a bit of a pain, and you have to switch apps -- but it's a decent workaround until we get the update finished.

  • Hoping to add guitarism to that list as soon as I get my hands on the AB SDK!

  • ... And guitarism is now on the bus! Let me know if you have any issues. It sounds beautiful through JamUp!

  • Wow, quick work. Lovely app. Thanks!

  • @Rhism

    Of the roughly thirty billion guitar simulation apps I've tried, yours is one of two that I have decided to keep (I deleted the rest). It seems to respond to strumming in a more realistic way. Any chance you're going to make it universal? or make an iPad "HD" or "Pro" version?

  • @ZenLizard Yes on iPad support - not decided yet between universal vs "HD", will depend on how different it is from the current app.

    Out of curiosity, what is the other one that you haven't deleted? Not to belittle anyone else's work, but I made guitarism for myself, because I tried all the others and couldn't find a single one that worked for my needs. The only other "guitar" app I use is ThumbJam, but of course it's not strumming-based so I consider it in a different category.

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    @Rhism — I'm not keeping the other app for the same reason I'm keeping Guitarism. It has some useful composition features, but It's not so great in terms of sound quality or playability. I can only use it for rough ideas. Hopefully that answer is good enough, because I don't want my criticism to negatively impact on it's developer (an independant dev who is a nice guy and reads this forum).

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