school me on audiobus over aum over iaa for instant project/jam session recall

let me preface this with: i love audiobus and this community, have ab, remote, and loopy, and will get ab3.

i've been setting up templates so that i can power up and make music without the constant troubleshooting. part of the reason i love gadget, just turn it on and you are off. i set up a template with model 15, gadget, troublemaker, all 3 as iaa and idensity as au. i want to use model 15's arp and troublemaker's arp. troublemaker is rock solid (kudos @brambos), any configuration i have tried troublemaker in the sync is perfect, start and stop, etc. model 15 is finicky, i'll get it perfect and when i restart auria i have to power on and off model 15, play with midi settings, etc. to get it to work. (and yes, i have disabled link). gadget is better but sometimes i have to muck about a bit. something that bugs me is that i always have to go into the auria pro template i made and reroute all the midi stuff, (send clock, start and stop, etc) in auria pro. don't know why that isn't saved.

aum does not appear to have a midi clock in, just link, although maybe aum doesn't need it as long as i assign the clock in to each app in aum. then if i save it as a preset it should reload with less issues.

audiobus: with the state saving,..will this help me restart a project or start fresh from my working template better? which of the 3 is a better option for my needs? i don't need fx in either audiobus or aum since i am using auria fx.


  • I would set it up something like this:

    Open Audiobus2.

    Now open Auria Pro, and in mixer view, add a midi track with Instrument=off, arm.

    Add two stereo tracks, on the first, tap (FX) and insert Kymatica: AUM (Port 1),

    which opens up AUM, where you tap +, and for the track's output select IAA/AB Output 1 (connected to Auria),

    tap on IAA1 to get back into Auria, where for the track's output you select Bus 1, on the second track's input select Bus 1, on it's output Subgroup 1, turn down the volume on the Sub1 track.

    Go into Aum (optionally by tapping the (e) in the Channel Strip window), and for input select from Mix Bus: Receive from Bus A.

    Switch to audiobus, for input select Auria (i) -> Sub 1, the output goes to system audio, open a lane by tapping (plus), and add your first app, for output select AUM, repeat to add the other apps. (For convenience, I added Fugue Machine on an extra lane in audiobus without an output.)

    Tap on the output icon to switch back into AUM and for the autogenerated tracks' output select Mix Bus 1, (here you can give each app its own bus, but I'll stick with one).

    To record Audio Unit parameters : on the Aum Mix bus 1 track select an au effect by tapping (plus).

    In Auria, tap (FX) on the midi track, and in the Channel Strip Midi window for midi output select CoreMidi: AUM. If you have an external controller, it will be cared for with the input=All, but you have to add it in Aum's Midi Sources menu (see pic below). Change to track view, tap the piano roll icon, enter some notes; choose a cc, for example Undefined (CC20), draw your curve. Maybe highlight and make a loop (enable Midi Record Overdub Mode).

    In Aum, open the menu, go to MIDI ROUTING, make connections between 'AUM' Destination -> Midi Control, 'Model 15' and 'Gadget' (in Gadget select 'virtual port').
    Return by tapping (<), enter MIDI CTRL, for Midi Sources choose 'AUM' Destination and the hardware controller.

    Go back (<), and on CHAN 1 > in Parameters > enter the channel (=1) and cc (=20) for say [cutoff].

    Save the AudioBus preset. Save Auria Project: Save Copy of Project. (Optionally save the Aum Session).

    Tap play in the ab side panel.

    To reopen: first Auria, then audiobus, Aum will load anyways if you launch all the apps.

    Curious what will become of all this bungl'ing with ab3 (:

  • Thanks for the template ccs2

  • @vpich in Auria I put effects on the bus channel, and additional midi channels would be recording automation and notes for internal/external effects/instruments on their respective ports/channels. Greetings, crs

  • @ccs2 said:
    @vpich in Auria I put effects on the bus channel, and additional midi channels would be recording automation and notes for internal/external effects/instruments on their respective ports/channels. Greetings, crs

    Wow. Thanks for such a detailed answer. Will definitely try this tonight.

    Now....i am trying for a less is more approach where i just use aum or audiobus to route in those apps. Are both necessary? Any actual midi note inputing can be limited to au instruments in auria. I can even deal with recording straight audio in. Anything that "needs" to be sequenced will be done in gadget, m15 and troublemaker. Thanks again

  • ok, so i started following these super in-depth (and idiot proof) instructions and hit a wall when i noticed that i don't have audiobus multi routing. don't want to buy it since i will be getting aubiobus 3 in probably less than a week. so, gonna try just aum and auria to see if that works (since i opened up my auria iaa project and everything is out of sync). i only get short bursts of time to work on music and i need to pick up where i left off.

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