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Right, this is slightly off topic of iOS, AudioBus and apps, but well related to this forum as such, so I placed it in App Trips and Tricks if we generously consider the AB Forum an app. Move it if this was wrong.

Anyways, in the actual iOS browsers, when viewing the mobile version of the forum, it colours the background of the topics I've read, to use a slightly grey background. This means I can quickly glance and see which topics that are new etc. The mobile version is crap at replying in though.

On the desktop though, it doesn't do this. Instead we get a quite detailed little orange bubble saying "new" or "127 new", and the removal of the bubble if you are up to speed with that topic. On my rather large screen (iMac 5k retina) though there are lots of lines and lots of bubbles, and I have to read almost every line all the time. Annoying. So I used a Chrome extension (it exists for Firefox too I think) called Stylish, which allows me to modify content after it has been loaded in to the browser, changing colours, fonts, text size etc.

Now I get a clearer view on what's new, what is read (light green background) and which topics I've participated (or posted) in which has new replies (with a light yellow background). The regular "unread" and "unparticipated" topics stay the same (white background).

Just figured if someone else had the same problem with the desktop version, the Stylish extension is quite handy indeed.


  • This is a very nice notion (I also have a sock drawer than needs sorting :))....

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    This is a very nice notion (I also have a sock drawer than needs sorting :))....

    Hehe, I realised this is only marginally useful for the guys that hang in here all day (and thus are up to speed with all the topics), but for others, perhaps like me, where we can only check things now and then it can be handy. :)

    I am guessing the forum won't let me post the actual rules for getting the above look, but hey, lets try it:

    #vanilla_discussions_index > section > div > main > ul > li.Item.Read.ItemDiscussion {
        background-color: #e5f7d1 !important;
    #vanilla_discussions_index > section > div > main > ul > li.Item.Participated.Unread.ItemDiscussion {
        background-color: #f7f4d1 !important;
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