Loop Maker - Amazing Music Maker (Free + IAP)

The new loop maker is an ultra low latency audio drum machine that's powerful to create the best drum loops for any music need.
Loop maker includes audiobus so you can connect the loop maker app with other great music apps.

It includes five amazing sample packs
-EDM Sample pack
-Hip hop Sample pack
-Reggaeton Sample pack
-Dubstep Sample pack
-R&B Sample pack
plus more!!!


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  • Free. Some packs included, others at 99c etc. Very rudimentary. Doesn't seem to work with AB (or as IAA with AS etc). Can record in the app and then open in AS. Might well do the other things, but have no time tonight to reboot/change order etc. It does appear in the AB list for me, but without logo etc.

    As said, very basic, but in an odd (contrary) way, I can imagine using the sequencer to make a much simpler 'dub-siren' type loop (has some simple FX). Appeals to me like a broken piano does (which is considerably some of the time :)). Probably not needed on voyage. Might take along anyway.

  • here we go again

  • @kobamoto said:
    here we go again

    Don't think so.

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