Orphion on iPad Pro

So, installed Orphion on 9.7 sized ipad pro, ios 10.2 and felt very bad about how it works there. On default settings you only can do "ambient" sounds and if you edit sensitivity option, the best you can is... having only "pluck" sound instead.

While, on my ipad 3 (ios7) works flawlessy (or i think so).

Anyone felt the same? Developer's website doesnt have support page anymore, and orphion tumblr is now about some cars, eh...


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    here he is , please email him, Facebook him, Instagram him, tumbler him, tweet at him and beg him to come back and bring the midi in feature with him.
    the Orphion abandonment was my first IOS shocker, heartbreak, and utter dismay....... and the very reason I have nightmares about Samplr and Patterning going this way.



  • Hey, i still have ipod touch 2G for some apps that were abandoned in 2009-2010 :( it's a harsh world out there.
    Thanks for link, need to find a contact with him.

  • good luck, Orphion is one of the greatest apps period.... it's a shame to leave something so wonderful behind.

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