Connecting iPad synth (LayR) to LogicX MIDI via WiFi - possile? How?

Hi everyone

Doug from thesoundtestroom on YouTube praised this forum, and suggested I register and pay a visit to ask my question here - so... here goes.

I am an avid LogicX user, and have recently been very impressed with the look and sound of the LayR synth on the iPad. I haven't bought it yet, but I probably will.

I have an existing set up for my hardware and software synths; comprising two external synths, plus an OZONIC MIDI keyboard also connected to my rig for when I don't wish to uise the hardward synths and make use of soft synths. What I am wondering is this... is there a way I can connect my iPad to my Macbook so that the MIDI keyboard sends MIDI notes and data to the iPad synths (specifically LayR) - via a Wifi network MIDi connection?

I don't own a MIDI device (such as iRig) to connect the keyboard to my iPad, as that would then disrupt my existing setup and rig, hence wanting to know if there is a way to connect the iPad to the current set up using MIDI over WiFi. The audio side is easy, I simply take the iPad output to an available stereo input on my sound card.

Hoping someone here can advise and point me in the right direction. Thanks all...



  • analog out on an ipad and midi over wireless are a sadness, you want studiomux.

  • Midi over wifi is kinda laggy and unreliable, however I just recently discovered how awesome bluetooth midi is. If your macbook isnt very old one has that new bluetooth module, you can send midi both ways without latency, and you dont need any apps for doing it. Or well, i think you need to have some app that makes the connection(any app with bluetooth midi will do), but then all apps can use it like any other midi source.

    Google how to set it up, i dont remember every step i had to take

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    I use Apollo Midi Over Bluetooth because I have it, and I think it is free. Also it has a great developer. Check out Secret Base Design.

    EDIT: Oh, and LayR is amazing IMHO

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