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My Depeche Mode remixes

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Made on the iPad using iMini, Audiobus & Cubasis.
I mainly did them to learn how to handle Cubasis.

I'm no expert, so friendly advice or comments on the production in general is always welcome.


  • I think it is a forum rule that any DM demo must include "Shake The Disease".

    Jk, good job man!

  • Nice work Dude !!

  • Sounds really professional. Nice work.

  • Kloon, create music with the help of technology. What you add should enhance and be in tune with the emotive content of the original or be completely different so becomes a work if its own. Far to often people mash it up because they have the technology to do so and lose track of the original idea.
    Not sure where you were going with the first two, really like the 3rd one though! :-)
    Have you got any others you have done, enjoyed listening to them :-)

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    Thank you very much for your kind words all!

    Nu2moro. No more mixes at the moment. But if i do i will post them here.

  • New missinterpretation of Black Celebration

  • Nice work @kloon. One of my favorites.

  • Great sounding tracks...

  • I like that! :-)
    What synths did you use?

  • DM is a great band! Unfortunately the links in your first post don't work. Soundcloud's website says it can't find the files.

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    Thanks guys!
    Links in first post working again!

    Synths for Personal Jesus and NLMDA. iMini & Cubasis.

    Synths for White Celebration, Alchemy & AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 (PC)

  • Sounds very professional. You kept it simple with only a few instruments in each song. With synth pop you don't want Spector's Wall of Sound. Less is more. Great job!

  • Thanks for those very kind words mkell424! :)

  • These remixes IMHO are better than a lot of DM's official remixes, in the past the band I play in did a multitude of DM covers, so many we jokingly said we should rename our band 'Depeche Made'.

  • @knewspeak Thank you so much!

  • Better than anything Depeche Mode ever did.

  • This is really good. Sounds pro imo.

  • Thank you very much guys! :)

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