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Multiple Input / Output apps?

Hey everyone,

Long time listener, first time caller. I'm looking for two apps here, the first being a drum machine (not a sequencer, something played live) which supports multiple "inputs" (although technically they are outputs) for each pad through audiobus into a DAW (like Auria) where each pad can be recorded into its own track. Does that make sense?

Drum Machine -> snare -> audiobus -> daw (track 1)
-> kick -> -> daw (track 2)
-> hi-hat -> -> daw (track 3)



  • Oops, try again

    Drum Machine -> snare -> audiobus -> daw (track 1)

                    -> kick ->                -> daw (track 2)

                    -> hi-hat ->                -> daw (track 3)

  • If I understand what you are requesting, you are wanting a drum instrument that allows you to output to multiple audio channels live, while simultaneously recording these multiple channels into a DAW on the same device into their own separately recorded channels, and all done through Audiobus... There are several technological problems with this scenario currently (although some of this may change with iOS7 and the next version of Audiobus.

    Currently, Audiobus only supports a single stereo bus (ie only two channels of audio). Also, I don't know of any apps that have multiple (more than two) output channels. We'll know a lot more about what will likely be possible with iOS7 and the next version of Audiobus in the upcoming weeks.

    Hope this helps.

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    You could actually do three channels like that with the current version of audiobus if the drum app supported multiple outs (and you kept the effects slot open). The only two apps that I'm aware that support that are Loopy and Auria, neither of which are drum apps!

  • You both hit the nail right on the head. Yeah, I have Auria and that's what got me thinking maybe there was something out there that could do it. Oh well, back to doing it the old way, record it into one track, duplicate the track, drum-a-gog each track by EQ/gating the tracks to individual drums. :-( ...or just stop being lazy, mic my kit, and record it live with an interface on an actual kit. lol.

    Thanks for the reply guys.

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    Maybe you could:

    1. Pan the kick hard left
    2. Pan the snare hard right
    3. Pan the hat hard left
    4. Split to mono in auria
    5. Duplicate the kick/hat track
    6. Hard hard high pass/low pass filter on each of those to 'split' them
    7. Drumagog your face off

    You can set the mixer in auria to mono while you record so your brain doesn't explode.

  • @syrupcore Dang! That is some creative thinking! I bet that would work! Good job!!! :-)

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