Akai EIE - help me understand the channels

First off, this issue is probably not specific to Audiobus, but I know several folks one this board have this interface and I'm hoping they can help me figure this out.

It appears that some apps see the EIE as having 4 mono channels. However, there are a few apps (Audiobus included) that appear to interpret the EIE as having 2 stereo channels.

For instance, if I plug a microphone into Channel 1, boot up Audiobus, set Input = Microphone and Output = Speakers, I get sound out of the left side. If I plug into Channel 2, then it comes out of the right side. This makes recording a single mic problematic. Other apps which behave this way are AudioReverb and MusicStudio.

But if I go into Garageband or one of the guitar simulation apps, they seem to understand that the EIE has 4 mono channels and works as I would expect.

My main use for the Akai EIE would be recording classical guitar with a mic; with a bit of reverb provided by AudioReverb. It doesn't seem like this is going to work out for me.

Does this make sense to anyone else or am I talking nonsense? :)


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    I think JamUp (free version) outputs a centered mono signal, and you can choose to input L, R, or L+R. This should work for you:

    JamUp input

    AudioReverb effect

    speaker output

  • This works for me with Focusrite 2i2 and the function should be similar using channels 1 and 2 on your EIE. Let us know if this works!

  • yeah, you'll need to put a guitar sim at the input and set it to bypass or whatever. Would be a nice feature of some future audiobus where you can select your input when using microphone input. @michael already has the code in loopy... :)

  • Thanks guys, I'll do some more experimentation.

    Hmtx, if I understand your comment correctly: the Focusrite does this also? So this this not something specific to the Akai?

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    This does in fact work as suggested:

    Jamup XT -> AudioVerb -> Speaker (or MusicStudio etc for recording)

    I was afraid that Jamup might color the input but that seems to be fine. In fact I was able to insert the EQ pedal and boost the signal slightly for recording.

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