Can't hear new tracks in updated Auria

I use Auria as my DAW. I have always added new tracks to a project by playing along a few times before I record it. Has something changed in the last update? I can no longer hear the new part unless I am recording it. I've messed with the Audiobus, AB live monitoring, and App background mode, but nothing has gotten it where I. Can practice along before I record.. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks.


  • Hmm. Works for me. Do you have the track record enabled and record monitoring turned on (in settings>record)?.

  • Got any bypasses on, have you messed with the input matrix at all?

  • Or the output matrix?

  • Are you using Auria with Audiobus? If so, the last update caused some problems for those who use or upgraded from Auria LE when using AB.

  • Regular Auria, record monitor is on, auto input monitor is on, Audiobus shows the app hooked up in the input matrix, never mess with the output matrix. Also the red record button is flashing for the app and I can hear great - until I push Play, then it stops flashing and I can't hear myself play anything. The only way I can continue hearing my playing is to hit Record instead of Play. It's puzzling because it used to be hearable with the Play button pressed... (i input with Audiobus 100% of the time)

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    Try turning auto input monitoring off. That's the only related change in the last version.

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    I'll try it and let you know...
    edit: Yay!!! You fixed it! You have my thanks and Auria owes you as well...

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