New to the forum/New song

Hi there.

Been using audiobus and various music production apps for a little while now but have only just joined the forum.
I've also just uploaded my first complete song to soundcloud and would live to hear what you guys think.

Here's the link(hope it works)



  • Welcome to the forum! Nice happy vibe to this. Look forward to hearing more :)

  • Yep, liking this. :)


  • Cheers guys.

  • love it. and welcome.

  • Very nice and again welcome feel free to jump in anywhere and contribute to discussions, ideas, and such....we're pretty friendly round these parts of the world wide web. Nice tune can't wait to hear more from ya!

  • edited August 2013

    Yes, very chilled sound. Which apps are you used here?

  • Nice one @Vineyboy! Welcome!

  • Very cool. Welcome aboard.

  • Thanks everyone. Lovely welcome.

    I think I used ielectribe for the initial drums. Either that or Dm1. Sampled some handclaps and the film dialogue in GarageBand, which I used to record the track and the guitars too. Used Thor for the background synth and bassline, igrand piano and Vio for the vocals. Think that's the lot.

    Working over 8 tracks was a real struggle though so have just downloaded Auria for next time.

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