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I figured I would start using the categories on the forum. I am bad about just posting everything in the General Category and I am sorry for that.

Here is my latest DabbleLab. Just playing around with some feedback looping using AUM. Tons of fun.


  • Nice! Killer endless noise-maker! Makes me wonder now how many feedback loops could be had with the addition of more channels / sends. Shout out to limiters, too. That's a dangerous dance without.

  • Good one! I had not thought to try this inside AUM.

    hours and days can be lost inside this type of audio journey.

    Also, what vocal mic are you using? I can hear things from the ambient room...

  • @brice Limiters are our friends.

    @Hmtx I am using a MXL 990 condenser mic. I meant to turn down the volume when I wasn't speaking so it didn't pick up room noise.

  • Nice video about how to do feedback in AUM.

    The Moebius Lab app revolves around multiple feedback loops. Hopefully it will get AU support at some point.

  • Love this,
    Thanks @gmslayton !

  • I'm sure the Soup Dragon was in there somewhere :)

  • Awesome! I never would have thought to try this. Thanks @gmslayton !!!

  • Nice.
    Thanks for your work!

  • Great, it is like jumping out of a plane without being sure the parachute will open ;0)

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